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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Landrum Middle School?

Contact Landrum Middle School Map & Directions St. Johns County School District• 40 Orange Street • St. Augustine, FL • (904) 547-7500 Login

Why Landrum Middle School's Counseling program?

Mission: Landrum Middle School's counseling program is designed to assist all students in successfully transitioning from elementary to high school by acquiring the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to become effective students, responsible citizens, caring human beings, and life long learners. School Counseling Secretary:

What is Landrum Middle School's policy on text messages?

Text messages are strictly prohibited. Landrum Middle School will not investigate nor be held responsible for missing or damaged phones. Violation of this policy is considered defiance and could lead to suspension. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates about what's happening at Landrum!

What is landlandrum doing with Schoology?

Landrum has recently begun a pilot program with the Schoology learning management system. Schoology is a secure online program that serves as a central hub for learning. Teachers can create, manage and share information and resources with their students.

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