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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my landrumhr?

Combined with our team's expertise, My LandrumHR is an industry-leading system that gives you the knowledge and insight to make managing your employees easier than ever. Below are all of the functions available to you through our system:

What does landrumhr's partnership with instant financial mean for employees?

PENSACOLA, Fla., Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, comprehensive HR solutions provider LandrumHR announces a strategic partnership and integration with the pioneer of responsible earned wage access (EWA) solutions, Instant Financial, enabling clients to provide employees with on-demand, same-day access to earned tips.

How do I get my mylandrum username by text message?

If you have previously confirmed a mobile number in your MyLandrum account, enter the number here to be sent your username by text message.

What is landlandrumhr doing to help small businesses in 2022?

LandrumHR is already working on expanding its relationship with Instant in 2022 to provide same-day access to hourly and salary wages in advance of scheduled pay periods. The implementation of both Instant Tips and Instant Pay will give small and medium-sized businesses an advantage in attracting and retaining talent in a competitive labor market.

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