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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Acadian village in LARC?

The shop is filled with souvenirs, books, shirts, postcards and local gifts. Each December, LARC’s Acadian Village transforms into a holiday wonderland for a fun-filled celebration, the Noel Acadien au Village.

Who are the sponsors of the Acadian village?

The Acadian Village is sponsored by LARC, a local 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. LARC’s mission is to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities reach their goals of self-sufficiency, quality of life and self-worth.

How big is the Acadian village in Lafayette?

Located on 32 acres in Lafayette, LARC’s Acadian Village is a history lover’s paradise. This little village recreates a typical 19th century Acadian Village, complete with several restored houses and buildings. It's a fascinating place that really gives you a glimpse at what life was like for early settlers in the area.

When to visit the Acadian village in Louisiana?

For the month of December, however, the village transforms into a magical holiday light show that you should clear your schedule for. Every evening, over a million lights will illuminate the historic village in what might be the most beautiful holiday light show in Louisiana. This year is their 40th year, and you won’t want to miss it.

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