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Frequently Asked Questions

When is larceny in the fifth degree a misdemeanor?

Sec. 53a-125a. Larceny in the fifth degree: Class B misdemeanor. Sec. 53a-125a. Larceny in the fifth degree: Class B misdemeanor. (a) A person is guilty of larceny in the fifth degree when he commits larceny as defined in section 53a-119 and the value of the property or service exceeds five hundred dollars.

When is a person guilty of grand larceny?

A person is guilty of grand larceny in the fourth degree when he steals property and when: 1 The value of the property exceeds one thousand dollars;  or 2 The property consists of a public record, writing or instrument kept, filed or deposited according to law with or in... 3 The property consists of secret scientific material;  or More ...

What are the different types of larceny in Connecticut?

Larceny includes theft of property, services, utilities, motor fuel, as well as: 1 embezzlement 2 extortion 3 receiving stolen property 4 shoplifting 5 obtaining property or services through fraud, false pretenses, or false promises, and 6 keepinging lost property without using reasonable efforts to find the owner.

Where does the word larceny come from in Australia?

However, larceny remains an offence in parts of the United States, Jersey, and in New South Wales, Australia, involving the taking ( caption) and carrying away ( asportation) of personal property without the owner's consent. The word "larceny" is a late Middle English word, from the Anglo-Norman word larcin, "theft".

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