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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tree is a larch tree?

Larix occidentalis Nutt. Western larch (Larix occidentalis), a deciduous conifer, is also called tamarack and western tamarack; less commonly used names are hackmatack, mountain larch, and Montana larch (17). It is largest of the larches and is the most important timber species of the genus.

Where does larch grow in the United States?

Western larch grows in the Upper Columbia River Basin of northwestern Montana, northern and west central Idaho, northeastern Washington, and southeastern British Columbia; along the east slopes of the Cascade Mountains in Washington and north-central Oregon; and in the Blue and Wallowa Mountains of southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon.

What kind of material is western larch used for?

Western larch is used for lumber, fine veneer, poles, ties, mine timbers, and pulpwood.

What kind of birds eat the seeds of a larch tree?

Value to wildlife. The seeds of the European larch are eaten by red squirrels and a number of birds, including the siskin and lesser redpoll, while the buds and immature cones are eaten by black grouse. The caterpillars of many moths feed on the foliage, including the case-bearer moth and larch pug.

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