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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest cup size at Starbucks?

The largest of all Starbucks coffee sizes, Trenta Cold is only available in certain iced beverages like the iced coffee and cold brew and will contain 31 fluid ounces. Where do these Starbucks cup sizes come from?

How many ounces in a Starbucks Grande?

A Starbucks Grande size is 16 fl oz which is 450 ml or 2 cups, it is the most common size and is considered to be a medium size. You can get a Grande of everything that isn’t already in a bottle.

What size is a tall drink at Starbucks?

What is a Tall (12 fl. oz.) The size of a Starbucks Tall is 12 fl oz, which is 340 ml or 1.44 cups is generally the smallest size of cold drink you can order. It is considered to be a small size. And as they say tall is the new small…

Are there more Starbucks sizes than you thought?

And there might be even more Starbucks sizes than you thought. According to the Starbucks website, order sizes can range from “Short” to “Trenta Cold.” This Starbucks size offers eight fluid ounces, the perfect size for cappuccinos, according to Business Insider.

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