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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Larousse mobile work on Windows 8?

Larousse Mobile, a library in your pocket! Windows 8 features • Scroll horizontally through a continuous landscape presentation of the entire dictionary • Semantic zoom lets you quickly and intuitively find your way around the dictionary • Snap the dictionary to the side of the screen for easy reference when you’re using another app

Do you need Internet to use Larousse mobile?

Fast and easy to use on the move, this application can be downloaded in full onto your tablet or PC. No need for an internet connection once you've downloaded the application - access the full dictionary offline (except the recorded pronunciation guides). Larousse Mobile, a library in your pocket!

What is the meaning of the French term Larousse?

This application is about the definition and meaning of French term which are also called as Larousse . Loading… - Minor Bug fix.

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