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What happened in the 1980s in Latin America?

During the 1980s—a period often referred to as the "lost decade"—many Latin American countries were unable to service their foreign debt. by Jocelyn Sims, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and Jessie Romero, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

What caused the Latin American debt crisis of 1981?

The contraction of world trade in 1981 caused the prices of primary resources (Latin America's largest export) to fall. While the dangerous accumulation of foreign debt occurred over a number of years, the debt crisis began when the international capital markets became aware that Latin America would not be able to pay back its loans.

What was the most serious crisis in Latin America's history?

The debt crisis of 1982 was the most serious of Latin America's history.

How did the United States get involved in Latin America?

There have been two phases of United States intervention in Latin America since 1970. The older, first phase is the Cold War in which the United States funded Latin military governments and their wars against communist insurgencies.

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