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Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries are considered Latino?

Italy, Spain, Portugal and all of South America are definitely Latin. France is usually considered a Latin country, but only Southern France really fits the stereotype.

What are the 3 largest countries in Latin America?

This biannual report examines the latest trends in selected manufacturing industries in Latin America and provides related forecasts. The focus is on Latin America’s three largest economies—Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina—as these countries account for more than 80% of the region’s manufacturing output.

How many states are in Latin America?

Latin America consists of twenty sovereign states and several territories and dependencies which cover an area that stretches from the northern border of Mexico to the southern tip of South America, including the Caribbean.

What are all the Latin American countries?

Latin America encompasses such other countries and territories as Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy.

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