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Frequently Asked Questions

What defines Latino literature?

Latin literature includes the essays, histories, poems, plays, and other writings written in the Latin language. The beginning of Latin literature dates to 240 BC, when the first stage play was performed in Rome.

What is the Latin word meaning literature?

LITERATURE Meaning: "book-learning ," from Latin literatura/litteratura "learning, a writing, grammar," originally "writing... See definitions of literature.

What is Latin American Poetry?

Latin American poetry is the poetry of Latin America, mostly but not entirely written in Spanish or Portuguese. The unification of Indigenous and imperial cultures produced a unique and extraordinary body of literature in this region.

What is modernism in Latin American literature?

The term Modernism is also used to refer to literary movements other than the European and American movement of the early to mid-20th century. In Latin American literature, Modernismo arose in the late 19th century in the works of Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera and José Martí.

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