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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Latino gender neutral?

While humans have more than two genders, words in Spanish do not. Therefore, a noun can not be gender neutral; words can be neutral in the gender of the objects/persons that it describes. Modern usage definitely defines the word "latinos" to be masculine. Yet, it really is gender-neutral in the group it describes.

What is a Latino vs Hispanic?

Contents: Hispanic vs Latino. Origin. The term Hispanic is derived from the Latin word for "Spain," while Latino is derived from Spanish word for Latin but which as an English word is probably a shortening of the Spanish word latinoamericano, which in English means "Latin American.".

What are Latino traditions?

Hispanic Traditions - Las Mañanitas. This is a traditional Mexican birthday song (some people say that in fact, it is two songs in one). The tradition has spread to different Latin American countries, particularly in Central America where it has become widely popular.

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