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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any ads in U launcher pro?

NO, it’s couldn't happen in U Launcher PRO. Start launching without annoying ads. Decorating your smart phone everyday, no problem. There are thousands of customized theme in theme store for your choice. Phone themes and latest new free wallpapers bring smooth interface experience.

Which is the best U launcher for Android?

The U Launcher Lite - the most popular Launcher in 2019, and it’s a latest live launcher for android give you best 3D effects of experience and new phone themes. Inspired by U Launcher Lite, our PRO version is now available for everyone who’s Launcher fans.

How to use the launcher on Windows 8?

Feel the elegance and beauty of the start menu of Windows 8 on your Windows phone 8 device with our powerful launcher that provides you access to basic services and apps. Experience something fresh on your Windows Phone device. * Log-in with your live account.

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