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Frequently Asked Questions

What do ball launchers do for a dog?

Dog ball launchers are machines that throw tennis balls far away for your pup to fetch. Manual ball launchers, like slingshots, work for outdoor use and allow dog owners to throw balls farther. Semi-automatic dog ball launchers are like guns and require manual engagement.

How big does a dogtra release launcher get?

The Dogtra BALL TRAINER PRO can launch one ball at a time, up to 2 feet high, or drop one ball at a time with a faster command response time. With its dual-function and compact size, the BALL TRAINER PRO is an ideal tool for immediate rewarding from a distance for behavior marking and detection training.

Which is the best dog training dummy launcher?

Dummy launchers are a great tool to help you extend your dog to longer distances when training by yourself. We offer the reliable handheld Retriev-R-Trainer and our Lucky Launcher Kit that provides a integral should stock. Also, choose from a wide range of Handheld Launcher Accessories including Launcher Ammo, Canvas Bumpers, and PVC Dummies.

How much does an automatic ball launcher cost?

High-end launchers that cost over $100 are typically designed for larger breeds and can accommodate larger ball sizes. Teach your dog to fetch without the automatic ball launcher first. After you introduce the ball launcher, keep training sessions short and sweet, but do them multiple times a day.

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