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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Microsoft duo and Microsoft Launcher?

The Microsoft Launcher has been rebuilt with the Duo in mind, which provides the backbone for its home screen and everyday interaction. Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard also contextually adjusts, considering on-screen content and orientation for a consistent typing experience.

How to set up duo access gateway launcher?

Logging into the Duo Access Gateway Launcher. Navigate to your organization's Duo Access Gateway URL. If you don't know what that is, contact your administrator. First, enter your username and password on the Duo Access Gateway login page. Next, complete Duo two-factor authentication (or enroll your first device).

What is the latest version of Microsoft Launcher?

The update brings Microsoft Launcher to version 6.2.201102.92686 and is available now through the Google Play Store. Some of these features, such as screen time support for the Surface Duo, were already available, so there's a chance that a few items listed in the changelog aren't actually new to this update.

Is the surface duo compatible with launcher 10?

Hey Guys, If any one familiar with Launcher 10 which has the UI of windows phone, it supports now Surface Duo. So if anyone happens to have a Duo may you please show up a video or screen shot.

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