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Frequently Asked Questions

What do launcher HB Turbo irons do for You?

The Launcher HB Turbo Irons deliver maximum forgiveness and a higher trajectory for game improvement players seeking more accurate, longer shots. Get hybrid technology in every iron and start hitting it higher, straighter, and farther today with the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons.

Where are the HB irons on the Cleveland launcher?

A full set of hybrid irons designed to hit higher, straighter and longer. Hollow contstruction. On sole: Cleveland (over) LAUNCHER HB. Iron # is towards the toe. Back side of club is black to look like a shadow at address. Just received the clubs. Wow, that was lightning fast.

What are the new HB irons for golf?

The new Launcher HB Irons bring the forgiveness and trajectory of hybrids, all the way through your irons. Start hitting it higher, straighter, and farther today.

Which is steel insert for HB Turbo Irons?

The high-strength HT1770M steel insert is thinner for turbo charged speeds across the entire face. Progressive shaping means the HB Turbo's long irons are larger and more forgiving, so you can attack distant pins.

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