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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use launcher Hijack on Amazon Fire tablets?

An early, insert seasonally appropriate celebration here, present from me. Adds support for Fire TV devices and the new Fire Tablets. Enjoy. Please find instructions for use here ( ).

Is the launcher hijakk app compatible with launcherhijack?

Launcherhijack is not compatible with this device blah blah. Appcloner did work. Renamed it to Launcher Hijakk and Works fine now. Thanks But can confirm, using app cloner works for now.

Is there a renamed launcher hijack for Amazon?

I read of a renamed file called Launcher.Hijack.v.4..0.4.b.43.Clone.apk, which is located at and claims to be a renamed .apk that will work on Amazon. But my browser sends up flashing lights and sirens and won't let me download it--Norton says it's poison. Do you have a solution?

Is there a launcher hijack for Google Now?

Sick of people complaining about the same issues so I added some troubleshooting steps and specific instructions for google now. I'm here to announce my latest project, Launcher Hijack V2. This uses the same exploit as Launcher Hijack V1, by parrotgeek1, but allows you to select any launcher of your choice.

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