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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install launcher Hijack on Fire TV?

Navigate to this GitHub's downloads page ( on your desktop/laptop and download the latest APK. Install ADB on your desktop/laptop (Google will help you) and ensure a connection to your Fire TV. Click to expand... Ensure you have some Launchers installed. Then... Click to expand...

How to enable or disable launcher Hijack on Android?

Open your newly downloaded file and install like any other Android application Open settings and navigate to "Accessibility -> To detect home button press" and press enable If Launcher Hijack didn't open, find and open it Select your desired Launcher from the list provided

What to do when launcher hijack goes bad?

Ensure you have selected your chosen launcher in Launcher Hijack Reboot your device after following all previous steps After clicking home initially wait 10 seconds and press home again. This happens when your chosen launchers process gets killed in the background and may happen from time to time, especially after a reboot.

What should I do if launcherhijack is enabled?

There is nothing I can do without degrading the application during regular use. If you somehow end up mid update with LauncherHijack enabled the easiest solution, assuming you can't get to settings, is to uninstall LauncherHijack through ADB (plenty of guides online) and reinstall it after you complete the update.

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