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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a smart TV launcher for Android?

Smart TV Launcher is a custom launcher for everything on your Android device connected to the big screen. It's about putting content at the center so you can get to your media as quickly as possible. Compatible with any Android TV box, stick, tablet or phone and best viewed on high resolutions (1080p & 720p).

Which is the best launcher for home screen?

That’s because there are launchers that you can download so you can customize the home screen’s settings. The ATV Launcher app is used to organize the apps and other elements on your device’s home screen. This is similar to the Wolf Launcher and Leanback Launcher for those familiar with custom launchers.

Which is the best launcher for Amazon Fire TV?

Third-party launchers don’t work very well with Amazon Fire TV devices. These are best suited for generic Android TV Boxes running stock Android. With ATV Launcher, you can do the following: Personalize your boring home screen with a needed makeover by changing tile colors, setting images and uploading a new background

What can I do with the ATV launcher?

You can add your favorite widgets on the home screen — from weather to time widgets — everything is available. You also have support for app widgets. Next, you can set colors or images in the background of an app and customize the tile options. Not to mention, on ATV Launcher, you also have the option to change the wallpaper.

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