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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Laura Bay in South Australia located?

Laura (SA) 5480 is 2055 kms south-southwest. Laura Bay (SA) 5680 is 2141 kms south-southwest.

How to find the postcode for Laura Australia?

Your search for "Laura" returned 3 result (s). Please select an item from the list below to view details. Browse by suburb. Select a town or suburb to find the postcode. To avoid any delays to your mail or deliveries, make sure you address it with the correct postcode.

When was the first newspaper in Laura Australia?

The historic former Laura Courthouse in Hughes Street is listed on the South Australian Heritage Register. Between 1889 and 1948, Laura had its own newspaper, the Standard. Its first iteration, Laura Standard (subtitled: and Beetaloo, Wirrabara, Melrose, Booleroo Centre and Yarrowie Advertiser) ran from 1889.

How did the town of Laura get its name?

When the present town was surveyed he named it for his wife, Laura née White (c. 1829 – 5 January 1909). Laura is administered by the Northern Areas Council, and is in the state electoral district of Stuart and the federal Division of Grey.

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