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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to fertilize before or after rain?

The best time to fertilize is right before a rain, hopefully one that will last a long time but not be too heavy, so it soaks into the ground and very little washes away. Do not apply fertilizer when the lawn is wet but it will be sunny and dry after, it can burn it.

Should I fertilize before heavy rain?

Pros and Cons of Fertilizing Before Heavy Rain. One reason that homeowners may want to fertilize the lawn before a heavy rainfall is because they want the fertilizer to be watered into the ground well. Lawns need nitrogen in order to grow healthily, and a heavy rainfall would ensure that the lawn gets that necessary amount of nitrogen. However,...

When to apply winter fertilizer?

Winter fertilizers are usually applied in late October or early November to cool-season lawns. To take full advantage of the effects of winterizer fertilizer, you should also apply fertilizer to your lawn in early September.

Can you fertilize after rain?

Pros and Cons of Fertilizing After Heavy Rain. Gardeners may choose fertilize after heavy rainfall because it will help increase the effectiveness of the fertilizer in the lawn or garden. It will also help reduce the chances of the fertilizer running off into water systems and polluting it.

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