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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fertilizer for grass?

Phosphorus fertilizers are best for grass that needs very strong roots. This could be because of poor soil conditions, and weather, such as if you live in an arid, dry area where the roots need to dig deep for water.

Which lawn fertilizer for spring?

Don't overload with nitrogen. The general rule of thumb for spring lawn fertilizing is one pound of nitrogen per square foot of grass. Nitrogen is the ingredient in fertilizer that gives your lawn that big, green growth spurt; but in the spring, too much top growth can come at the expense of roots.

When to fertilize the lawn in spring?

The two prime times to fertilize your lawn are in the Spring and Fall. When you fertilize in early Spring, you can use a quick start fertilizer. It will encourage fast growth. If you fertilize your lawn in late Spring be sure to use a slow-release fertilizer.

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