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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LC acronym stand for?

Acronym. Definition. LC. Library of Congress (US) LC. Liquid Chromatography. LC. Lake City (ammunition headstamp) LC.

What is the difference between import LC and export LC?

For the importer it is termed an Import LC and for the exporter of goods, an Export LC. Revocable/ Irrevocable: — Whether a LC is revocable or irrevocable determines whether the buyer and the issuing bank are able to manipulate the LC or make corrections without informing or getting permissions from the seller.

What is the history of L&C College?

L&C is a two-year higher education institution with multiple campuses, a river research center, community education and training centers located throughout the 220,000+ person college district. On Sept. 17, Constitution Day, we honor and remember the 1787 signing of our country’s governing document.

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