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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between manager and leader?

A leader influences his subordinate to achieve a specified goal, whereas a manager is a person who manages the entire organization. A leader possesses the quality of foresightedness while a manager has the intelligence.

What is a good leader and a bad leader?

Good vs Bad Leadership Good Leadership. In order to produce the absolute best products and services in the marketplace, all employees must treat their work and their customers with great respect and care. Bad Leadership. ... An Example of Bad Leadership. ... REWIND, DO-OVER. ...

What is a leader and the leadership role?

In most definitions, both leaders and managers occupy positions of authority. Leadership is a formal role in which leaders make strategic decisions, are good at managing people and have emotional intelligence. They sell the tickets for the journey AND take us to the destination, according to popular conceptions.

What is the difference between leader and leadership?

The first distinction is obvious: the leader is an individual, while leadership may represent a group of people leading an organization, a community or a country.

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