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Frequently Asked Questions

Is leaky gut syndrome a real diagnosis?

Mainstream medical professionals do not recognize leaky gut as a real condition. However, there is quite a bit of scientific evidence that leaky gut does exist and may be associated with multiple health problems. This article takes a critical look at the evidence on leaky gut syndrome. What Is Leaky Gut?

What is leaky gut syndrome, and how do you treat it?

One thing you can do to heal a leaky gut is take glutamine. Glutamine, also known as L-glutamine, is an amazing amino acid that has the ability to heal soft tissue like the lining of your intestines. It is very good for improving the health and integrity of your gut. Another thing you can do is take a probiotic.

What is leaky gut syndrome and is it even real?

Although leaky gut syndrome is a marketing term, a “leaking gut” is a real thing in medicine. It’s best described as a loss in intestinal barrier function combined with increased intestinal permeability. Put simply, the lining of our intestine (gut) controls what materials may pass from the gut into the bloodstream.

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