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Frequently Asked Questions

What major should I take to become a vet?

A major in pre-veterinary studies is available through some, but not all, schools. Alternatively, students can earn a bachelor's degree in a broader subject, such as general science or biology, while being certain to include the courses required by vet school.

What abilities are needed to become a vet?

Attention to detail: Veterinarians need to be methodical and analytical. ... Compassion: Veterinarians deal with people who may be distraught about a beloved pet's death or illness. ... Physical strength and stamina: Veterinarians need to lift and move animals during examinations and surgeries and stand for long hours. More items...

How long does it take for someone to become a vet?

To become a veterinarian, you need to complete an undergraduate or post graduate degree in veterinary science. Depending on the university, it takes between five and seven years of study to become a veterinarian.

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