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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lease a Tesla Model 3?

Monthly Payment Options For Tesla Model 3 For a Standard Range 2020 Model 3 that comes with all the basic options and a 10,000-mile limit, leasees would pay $371 per month. $5,566 is also required at lease signing. The total cost would be close to $19,000 for a three-year deal.

How much will my Tesla Model 3 actually cost?

Tesla Model 3. Tesla advertised its "most-affordable" vehicle, the Model 3, with a starting price of $35,000. And outside of a $1,200 destination fee, that price is pretty much accurate.

How much does the Tesla Model 3 cost to insure?

The reason is simple: Insurers have to assume more risk than they would for a standard mid-priced sedan, with its custom parts and high speeds. The average monthly car insurance premium for the Tesla 3 is a surprising $306 a month, which comes to $3,672 a year .

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