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Frequently Asked Questions

How does legendary resistance work in dungeons and Dragons 5e?

That’s…well…lame. Legendary Resistance in Dungeons & Dragons 5e ensures that legendary creatures are not rendered powerless by one failed saving throw. If a legendary creature fails a save, they can choose to succeed on that save instead.

What's the purpose of legendary resistance in RuneScape?

The purpose of Legendary Resistance is to prevent a powerful creature from being rendered helpless because of one failed saving throw. These creatures are often ancient and powerful. In the overall story, it would not make sense for such a creature to fall easily to arcane tricks.

How often can a creature use legendary resistances?

The number of Legendary Resistances a creature can use will depend on the creature itself, most often, it is 3 times per day. This ability “activates” when the creature fails a save of any kind. If a creature fails, it can choose to succeed instead.

Do you use legendary resistance as a DM tool?

Legendary Resistance is a DM tool, not an ability that a monster chooses to use. I think it's best to treat Legendary Resistance as a game-mechanical way for the DM to make a climactic battle entertaining.

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