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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of legitd?

d : conforming to recognized principles or accepted rules and standards He has a legit claim to a rematch. also : fair or reasonable : valid a legit question/concern There's an upside to your discomfort: It's a legit excuse to get a weekly massage.

What is legit about Legit Clothing?

About Legit. Legit stores sell a wide selection of hot women's fashion trends tailored to many sizes and available at low prices. Legit clothing includes a wide selection of items from smart trends, to sleepwear, footwear and all items for every season.

Is legit a good brand?

Legit features their house brand "Legit" and all items are manufactured with extreme care to bring you not only a great look packed with quality but also great affordable prices. Legit fashion is proud and celebrates women, with seasonal designs and availability on certain items.

Who are the creators of Legit?

Legit is an American sitcom created by Peter O'Fallon and Jim Jefferies.

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