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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the texture pack do in Minecraft?

This pack will make all your textures look clean and better in Minecraft 1.17. For all the true Minecraft connoisseurs with an extra taste for textures. This pack will improve the blocky ridges and corners in your game. The texture pack also affects even the enemies and other elements of the game.

What is this Minecraft resource pack?

This recently-released resource pack turns Minecraft's blocks into Lego-inspired creations with a wild level of detail. It looks like it would hurt my eyes and feet in equal measure but gosh I can just imagine what touching its bumpy dirt blocks feels like.

How often are the textures in the resource pack updated?

As the resource pack is very recent, only a few textures were made. We will update every week by adding new content. This resource pack uses solid colors in textures, giving the game a simpler, more plastic look.

Do you own the idea for Lego style packs?

Wabbabrick, You do not own the idea for lego style packs and you're not the first one to even make one. If you say this is plagiarism then those who did lego style packs before you got plagiarized by you.

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