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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Lendlease Group of companies located?

Lendlease Group is a multinational construction, property and infrastructure company headquartered in Barangaroo, Sydney, Australia.

Is the Lendlease Trust a wholly owned subsidiary?

Lendlease Trust - a consolidated entity of the Group, which is not wholly owned. Lendlease Singapore Pte. Limited

What was the purpose of the Lend Lease policy?

Lend-Lease. The Lend-Lease policy, formally titled An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States, ( Pub.L. 77–11, H.R. 1776, 55 Stat. 31, enacted March 11, 1941) was an American program to defeat Germany, Japan and Italy by distributing food, oil, and materiel between 1941 and August 1945.

Who is the head of construction at Lendlease?

Hans was appointed Group Head of Construction in May 2018. Luisa joined Lendlease in 2017 as Group Head of Corporate Affairs and Marketing. Karen joined Lendlease in January 2013 as Group General Counsel, and is based in Sydney.

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