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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Lending Club loan take?

Lending Club states that the entire application, approval and funding process typically takes about 7 days but that it may take a little longer. As both a borrower and an investor on the site, I can confirm this time frame for the loans.

How do you close a Lending Club account?

Finally, contact Lending Club or Prosper account services and have them close your account. To do this, I called Lending Club’s toll-free number for Investor Services: (888) 596-3159. Prosper’s investor line is (877) 646-5922. A few short minutes on the phone with an account manager and your account will close.

How good is Lending Club?

Lending Club’s application process can be quite strict. Not only do they prefer a good salary and job, but your credit score has to be 600 to even be considered for a peer to peer loan. Solution: A different company called Prosper is an option. Similar to Lending Club, Prosper allows peer to peer loans..

What is the telephone number for Lending Club?

The customer support phone number of Lending Club is +1 (888) 376-6642, (888) 596-3157 (Click phone number to call).

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