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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lenovo and IBM the same company?

Lenovo and IBM are the same company. Lenovo often lists several part numbers, one is called FRU p/n , on is called ASM p/n , and occasionally the model number is just listed on the battery with no preface.

What country is Lenovo made in?

Lenovo Group Ltd. or Lenovo PC International, often shortened to Lenovo (/lɛˈnoʊvoʊ/ leh-NOH-voh), is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States.

What is the history of Lenovo?

Lenovo was originally named New Technology Developer Inc. and soon changed its name to Legend Holdings. The firm was founded in China in 1984 by Liu Chuanzi and ten colleagues. Its first product was an add-on device to provide computers with Chinese language capabilities.

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