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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a hot zone near Naples Italy?

Scientists have discovered a “hot zone” feeding a supervolcano near Naples in southern Italy, prompting fears it is nearing eruption.

How many homes in Naples will be underwater by 2100?

It also says 21.3% of homes in Naples will be underwater by the year 2100. These numbers aren’t scaring homeowners though, says realtor Tiffany McQuaid in Naples.

What's the population of the city of Naples Italy?

Demographics. Naples' wider metropolitan area, sometimes known as Greater Naples, has a population of approximately 4.4 million. The demographic profile for the Neapolitan province in general is relatively young: 19% are under the age of 14, while 13% are over 65, compared to the national average of 14% and 19%, respectively.

Is the city of Naples a World Heritage Site?

In addition to commercial activities, it is home to the Allied Joint Force Command Naples, the NATO body that oversees North Africa, the Sahel and Middle East. Naples' historic city centre is the largest of its kind in Europe and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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