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What are the 4 levels of organization in an organism?

The Four Levels Of Organization In Living Things. Tissues are made up of cells that are similar in function and structure in which work together to preform a specific task or job. Some of the Llamas tissues are: connective, epithelial, muscle, and nerve.

What are the 4 levels of organization in living things?

The biological levels of organization of living things arranged from the simplest to most complex are: organelle, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms, populations, communities, ecosystem, and biosphere.

What are the six levels of organization in the human body?

Six Levels of Organization. The six levels of organization in ecology are The Biosphere, biomes, the ecosystem, a community, populations, and an individual. BIOSPHERE- The place where all organisms live and coexist. BIOME- A large area that as the same biotic and abiotic factors; also the same general climate.

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