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What is the level of organization in a dog's body?

In a dog the largest level of organization is the Organ System. One example of an organ system in the dog is the Digestive system. Every Tissue is made up of cells. A group of similar cells that have the same function. Each cell has different organelles and proteins that help it make specific functions. This is the next level of organization.

Which level of organization is organism?

The organism is the fifth level of organization. Cells, tissues, organs, organ systems organisms--each level of organization interacts with every other level. The smooth fuctioning of a complex organism is the result of all it various parts working together.

What is the first level of organization in a cell?

Cells, of course, are the first level of organization. In any multicellular organism, cells rarely work alone. Cells that are similar in structure and function are usually joined together to form tissues. Tissues are the second level of organization.

What is the third level of organization in the body?

Blood cells in your body are part of blood tissue, a liquid tissue responsible for transporting food and oxygen throughout the body. ORGANS: LEVEL THREE. Tissues are further organized in organs, the third level of organization in living things. Organs are groups of different tissues that work together.

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