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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Library of Congress authorities?

The Library of Congress Authorities is a service primarily designed for librarians, although it is open to the public and can be a valuable resource in learning more about an author’s alias or corporate name change. There are 265.000 subject authority records and 5.3 million name authority records reflecting...

What does the Library of Congress name authority file do?

Library of Congress Names The Library of Congress Name Authority File (NAF) file provides authoritative data for names of persons, organizations, events, places, and titles. Its purpose is the identification of these entities and, through the use of such controlled vocabulary, to provide uniform access to bibliographic resources.

What does OCLC Authority mean in Library of Congress?

The OCLC authority file contains records received from the Library of Congress (LC) and records added by Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO) participants. Connexion allows you to display, create and maintain headings in authority records as part of the cataloging, reference or acquisitions process.

How to apply Library of Congress authority in MARC 21?

Open the record to which you wish to apply Library of Congress authority heading information. In the MARC 21 editor, click the field immediately above the location where you want to add the controlled field and then click the Add Field button ( ). In the Basic search panel, select LC (to search the LC file) or LC - Browse (to browse the LC file).

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