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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go inside the Library of Congress?

The Library of Congress doesn’t permit you to enter the Reading Rooms if you’re carrying anything that could be used to steal or damage the collection. This includes, but is not limited to, food, water, umbrellas, coats or jackets, scissors, newspapers, and containers or bags/purses larger than 9.5″x 6.25″.

Can you check out books from the Library of Congress?

Although the Library of Congress is open to the public, only Members of the United States' Congress, Supreme Court Justices and other high-ranking government's officials may check out books or resources.

What is the primary goal of the Library of Congress?

The library's primary mission is to research inquiries made by members of Congress, carried out through the Congressional Research Service. The library is open to the public, although only high-ranking government officials and library employees may check out books and materials.

How many books are in the Library of Congress?

The Library of Congress is the national library of the United States and consists of three buildings in Washington, D.C. The library is the largest in the world and has over 32 million books and 61 million manuscripts in 470 languages.

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