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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to park at the library?

$3 every ½ hour; $20 daily max; $10 after 5 pm and weekends (up to 12 hours); Library rates with validation: $0 up to first 90 minutes, 91 minutes - 120 minutes: $3, $3 each additional half hour; $100/month for night-only parking (3 pm - 7 am). 4 electric car charging stations: additional fees apply. 22 disabled parking spaces.

Where can I pull a parking ticket in Worcester?

Pay Stations: The City of Worcester has implemented a ticket pull at the McGrath municipal parking lot. Pull a ticket as your enter, bring your ticket with you and pay at the pay station upon exit. Ticket validaton is available at the Worcester Public Library Welcome Desk, with a rate of $1 per hour for library patrons.

Do I need to place my parking ticket on the dashboard?

It is not necessary to place your ticket on the dashboard of your vehicle. Once you have paid for parking at the pay station scan your card as you exit the parking lot and the gate will release. For more information on parking at our other locations please visit the location pages here.

How do I check the availability of visitor parking?

Check live parking availability on the visitor parking availability page .) Observe signs before you park. If you have one, make sure your hangtag is visible. Hangtags should be hung on the rear view mirror or displayed in the bottom left corner of the windshield. Transportation Services does not honor any handwritten or typed notes on vehicles.

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