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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Roblox Roblox library API for video?

- Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox ROBLOX Library API for Videos? Currently, catalog api supports Models (=6), Plugins (=7), Decals (=8), Audio (=9), and Meshes (=10). Sadly, Video’s are not a part of this list, and I wish to know if there is a category for the API but maybe undocumented.

Does Roblox have an API for catalog items?

Roblox offers formatted catalog item data for use in custom desktop and browser applications. Only catalog items from the Avatar Shop can be queried through the following API. Searching for library catalog items (meshes, models, audio, etc.) can be done through the Library Catalog API.

What is the Roblox API reference manual?

This API Reference Manual documents all of the classes, data types, enumerations, functions, events, callbacks, and properties that developers may use in crafting their Roblox creations. The following classes comprise the most frequently viewed references:

Does Roblox offer an API for asset searches?

Roblox offers an API at that provides data for asset searches in the library, including information about the items found in the searches (further information about items can be found with the product info endpoint ).

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