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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about libraries for children?

Ideally, a children’s service needs its own library area, which must be easily recognisable (e.g. special furnishings, decorations and colours) and distinct from other parts of the library. Libraries offer a public space where children can meet each other or can meet others in cyber-space.

What should I know about working in a public library?

4. Speaking of the children’s department, the library is not quiet. There are some areas that the reference librarians have taped off and blocked from children — much like security guards or people who wrap their bodies around trees to stop bulldozers. “Save our study section,” they quietly chant.

What do volunteers do at Los Angeles public library?

Adult volunteers working with children will be fingerprinted. These volunteers lead monthly book discussion for adults at the library. They work with staff to choose and order books, reserve the meeting room and publicize these public events. As leaders, they read the book, research the authors and prepare discussion questions.

What are the duties of a library staff?

Prepares and presents library programs and supervises program presentation by subordinate staff. Monitors the conditions of the children's service area and the security of the children's collection and area. Meets with members of the library and others in order to coordinate activities and exchange information.

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