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Frequently Asked Questions

What are silicone lids used for?

Toys and hobbies. This same silicone is used to make hinges in aquarium lids or for minor repairs. However, not all commercial silicones are safe for aquarium manufacture, nor is silicone used for the manufacture of acrylic aquariums as silicones do not have long-term adhesion to plastics.

What is the definition of a lid?

The definition of a lid is the removable cover of something, or is an action to stop something, or is slang for an ounce of marijuana. An example of a lid is the top of a can of beans. An example of a lid is putting a lid on street violence.

What is lid plan?

1.1 LID Definition. For the purposes of this plan, LID refers to storm water management practices which seek to mimic predevelopment hydrology by minimizing disturbed areas and impervious cover and then infiltrating, storing, detaining, evapotranspiring, and/or biotreating storm water runoff close to its source.

What is a pot lid?

Pot Lids are small glazed transfer-printed earthenware containers, consisting of a base and lid, which were made from the 1840s through the early 20th century (some forms of pot lids may date from the second half of the 18th century).

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