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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create lifestyle photos for Instagram?

Lifestyle imagery, even with as much effort as we put into one photo (posing, setting up the frame, props, etc.), should not look like we put effort in. Effortless, comfort, relaxed—words to think about when creating your look.

Who are the best healthy living bloggers on Instagram?

One great thing about living in the age of Instagram is that whatever your goals, there's a blogger out there just waiting to help encourage you on your path. Follow the below healthy-living bloggers on Instagram for a boost of inspiration when you need it most! 1. Jessica Sepel

Who are the top holistic living influencers on Instagram?

Bio Ellen Palmer is an aspiring Counsellor who believes that mental wellness can be achieved by everyone.

Who is Jennifer from lifestyle photos for Instagram?

Jennifer is a photographer and graphic designer out in Los Angeles. When she’s not shooting fashion bloggers or creating social media content for brands, she’s usually bombarding her snapchat with too many photos of her adorable cat or coming up with terrible puns that her friends don’t find a-meow-sing

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