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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of limited government?

Disadvantages of Limited Government. Limiting the power of government protects rights, but it can also limit the government's ability to take actions on behalf of the people. If the government is too weak, either because of constitutional limitations or political policies, it is possible for individuals to have their freedom restricted by...

What does it mean to have a limited government?

Limited Government. The term “limited government” refers to a government whose power is limited by the restrictions set forth in a constitution, or some such other governing authority.

What is the importance of a limited government?

In its truest, most basic form, a limited government is a body whose main function is the protection of people and their property, and it levies just enough taxes to finance services related to these purposes, such as national defense or law enforcement. Otherwise, it stays out of people's – and businesses' – affairs.

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