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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the medical definition of a line?

Medical Definition of line. 1 : something (as a ridge, seam, mark, or streak) that is distinct, elongated, and narrow — see linea. 2 : a strain produced and maintained especially by selective breeding or biological culture.

Which is the best definition of the word lined?

1 : a long thin cord or rope fishing lines Hang your clothes on the line. 2 : a long narrow mark Draw a line on your paper. 3 : an arrangement of people or things in a row We waited in line. 6 : family sense 2 He comes from a long line of farmers.

Which is the correct definition of line of battle?

an arrangement of troops of an army or of ships of a fleet as drawn up for battle: line of battle. a body or formation of troops or ships drawn up abreast (distinguished from columndef 6). the class of officers serving with combatant units or warships. the regular forces of an army or navy.

Which is the best example of a line?

What is a basic definition of line? 1 Real-life examples: Children like to knock over a line of dominoes. During drills, a sergeant might give orders to a... 2 Used in a sentence: I drove slowly down the street to look at the line of the houses. More ...

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