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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some different types of lines used in art?

Types of Lines in Art Drawing Contour Line. A single line creating an outline of a figure or an object can show the height, width and even details of what is being studied. Blind Contour Line. ... Continuous Line Drawing. ... Gesture Drawings. ... Mass Gesture Lines. ... Reductive. ... Parallel or Cross Hatching Lines. ...

What are actual lines in art?

Actual line: In art a line is drawn by pen, pencil, or other implement. It has thickness, length, and is a continuous mark.

What does line mean in artwork?

A line helps to define the shape or form of an artist's work. Lines come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing an artist to manipulate a drawing, painting or other art form to take the shape the artist wants. ... Lines can help create distance in a drawing, or draw the eye to a specific place on a piece of art.

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