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Frequently Asked Questions

What do allophones in a phoneme category mean?

The variants within a phoneme category are called allophones. Allophones usually appear in complementary distribution, that is, a given allophone of one phoneme appears in one predictable environment, but the other allophones of that phoneme never appear in that environment. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Which is the phonetic representation of a phoneme?

A phone is the phonetic representation of a phoneme (the actual sound). Allophones are different ways to pronounce the same phoneme while keeping the same meaning. Sometimes allophones are predictable depending on their environment and who is speaking.

Which is an allophone of the phoneme Todd?

That means we can say that in American English [ɾ] is an allophone of the phoneme /t/. But sometimes the /t/ phoneme does use a [t] sound like in the name Todd:

Which is a non contrastive variant of a phoneme?

Non-contrastive variants of a phoneme are called ALLOPHONES. an ALLOPHONE is one of the non-contrastive variations of a minimal distinctive linguistic sound Sounds are in complementary distribution when one occurs under condition A but never B, while the other occurs under condition B but never A.

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