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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove Link default ( virus removal guide )?

Threat Summary Name Link Default Type search engine hijacker, redirect virus, ... Associted domains Affected Browser Settings newtab page URL, search engine, home pag ... Symptoms unwanted ads appear on web-sites that yo ... 1 more rows ...

How to get rid of default search virus?

Default Search virus is a suspicious program that clips itself to a web browser and applies the "Managed by your organization" setting to it, preventing PUP's removal. Uninstall the PUP from the web browser, reset it, and then perform further steps with security and repair software

What is the link default search browser hijacker?

A browser hijacker is a piece of software that is able to alter browsers’ start page, new tab page and default search engine against users’ wishes. Link Default Search browser hijacker misuses a feature of Windows intended for administrators of corporate networks that allows them to force install software on computers on the network.

What does link default search do for You?

Link Default Search is a browser hijacker that redirects your homepage and search queries to To do this, Link Default Search uses either a browser extension or a custom-built browser based on the Google Chromium browser. Let’s take a closer at the Link Default Search browser hijacker:

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