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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a URL shortener work in JavaScript?

But before we start coding, we need to understand how URL Shorteners work. Generally, In a URL Shortener, we define a URL as a variable which can be done from the database or without database (here we will do it without database).

Where can I host my URL shortener project?

You can host the whole project in Github/Gitlab pages and set up a simple CNAME. That’s it — your brand new personal URL shortener is ready! You can use any static site hosting service to host your URL shortener. That’s it for today!

Is there a professional looking URL shortener for replit?

In October of 2020, Meghan, our people person, messaged me asking if there was a professional-looking URL shortener. Over the next 48 hours, I created, a URL shortener for use by the Replit team and published it on Github for anyone to use.

How does a short URL work in node?

For each URL passed into our API, we will generate a unique ID and create a short URL with it. Then, the long URL, short URL, and unique ID will be stored in the database. When a user sends a GET request to the short URL, the URL will be searched within the database, and the user will be redirected to the corresponding original URL.

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