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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I put on my LinkedIn business page?

Another page element you should focus on is your tagline. This displays prominently on your LinkedIn business page, right under your logo and company name. You can treat your tagline much like your profile’s LinkedIn headline. In a concise phrase or sentence, describe what your company’s value is.

How do I Optimize my LinkedIn company profile?

To optimize your LinkedIn company profile, ensure that your page includes the following information: URL. Make sure people can find your business’ website by including the URL on your company page. Address. Make sure this is up-to-date. HQ Country.

How can I increase my company's visibility on LinkedIn?

Fill in your company description with targeted keywords. Google can preview 156 characters from your company’s LinkedIn page and include them in search results. Create a vanity URL (Be sure you are logged in as an administrator of your page to access this option.) Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

How can I promote my company on LinkedIn?

Try to include a URL in every post: LinkedIn reports that posts with links get 45 percent more engagement. If you’re looking for ways to frame your company as a think-tank for fresh ideas, look to the Career Pages “Employee perspectives” section, where you can publish thought leadership articles written by employees.

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