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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkedIn Business Premium?

A LinkedIn Premium account enables your business to gain more visibility by allowing you to engage with users in a more advanced manner. With a premium account you will be able to see the full profile of people who have viewed your profile and not just their names. You will also be able to see the keywords that led people to your profile.

Does every business plan include a marketing plan?

Yes, a business plan almost always includes the marketing portion. Emphasis varies, and I've seen some plans that focus much more on product or service than on marketing. But those are unusual.

How much is LinkedIn premium?

The cost of LinkedIn Premium depends on which sub-service of LinkedIn Plus you choose to subscribe to. The "Job Seeker" package costs $31 per month, the "Sales Navigator" package costs $70 per month, the "Recruiter Lite" package costs $100 per month, and the "Business Plus" package costs $50 per month.

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